Do you have a company or organization and you have many problems?


You feel that your system is not working well, and you want to reorganize it and continue its performance?
The ultimate solution is for Skills, which provides integrated services and infrastructure development in security systems. We help you find the perfect solution that meets your needs and gives you more time, effort and more organized work that suits you. As soon as you communicate with us, we will provide you with smart solutions and consultations that will organize your business and enable you to follow up the performance with accuracy, professionalism and ease

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Have you wondered how to choose the right surveillance cameras!

We have many types of surveillance cameras for villas, shops, factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools and buildings. There are many companies and international brands, which causes the customer confusion in choosing the right cameras. We are here to study the site and through the site preview sites are determined cameras and cameras suitable for the site and we have the types and categories Of the cameras according to the needs of the client which is characterized by the accuracy of photography is high-definition. We also have professional technicians in the installation of cameras inside and outside Cairo from operating, setup and networking solutions through virtual networks, which enables you to view cameras remotely.

Why do customers choose to handle Skills?

Skills is specialized in the world of security systems and the field of surveillance cameras of various types in the ranks of leading companies and Korean cameras, Heck Vision and others, and employs a team of expertise and efficiency that qualifies him to perform his work in the best way, and always directed our attention to satisfy our customers and their requirements of security systems and cameras Competitive prices


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We are very pleased and proud to praise our team. The team is highly educated, well trained by our productive partners, as well as by the time experience of its ability to deal with all projects. We also have the knowledge and technical competence to protect all your property.
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Our mission

To be the pioneer in providing security system services and solutions, by providing high quality products and excellent services achieved by our vast experience in this field for many years. And establish long-term professional relationship with our customers. To continue to grow and to be able to adapt to changing circumstances by introducing new concepts and solutions.

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