Surveillance Cameras

Installation of surveillance cameras

When installing surveillance cameras via our website or by contacting us, you should provide us with the location information you want to install the cameras and then you are given an initial price according to the area of the site you want to cover the length of the display. After that, a technician is sent to inspect the site on the ground and draw a plan for the location to determine the location of the cameras and then the final price is determined based on the inspection.

Specification of surveillance cameras

  • Watch cameras via computer with special software for cameras
  • Link your mobile branches to watch on your mobile from anywhere with an internet connection of at least 4 MB
  • The multi-user creation feature gives each user specific powers
  • The recording feature is available while moving in front of cameras to save time when searching
  • Sony lens type
  • The recording device has an HDMI / VGA / TV output, a network connector, 2 USB input, and an audio input and output
  • A mobile app for Apple and Android is available for mobile monitoring
  • External cameras are resistant to external factors such as rain, heat, sunlight and storms
  • Night photography of internal and external cameras
  • Two years warranty on the recording device and surveillance cameras ensure replacement
  • Free maintenance on cameras for one year
  • Explanations of our site are available on how to handle the registration system for our clients

Surveillance cameras can be connected to the Internet

When the camera is connected to the Internet, the image is transferred to any other computer anywhere in the world. This is only available if there is high-speed internet and the data upload speed is not less than 2 MB. You watch online cameras without even cutting the Internet. The fourth generation has a high speed in fiber optic data lift requirement that you are close to towers operated by communications.

Remote monitoring from anywhere in the world:

This type of surveillance has recently spread, as it is easy to use with mobility around the world. The successive revolutions in the world of modern and advanced technology make us more familiar with the latest, best and most powerful cameras, not easy to use.

Advantages of connecting CCTV cameras via DSL or fiber

  • Watch the surveillance cameras through the Internet by connecting the cameras in two ways direct connectivity and connectivity through the server
  • Full control of remote control cameras: direct viewing, recording, moving mobile surveillance cameras, and remote image control
  • Access the remote control panel by browser or special software for cameras. You can also see a live camera via your browser.
One of the best ways, as in the previous picture, is to connect via fiber optic internet to the speed of data transmission to the fiber technology to give speed to watch the surveillance cameras via the Internet. When you request the speed of the Internet from the connections of 20 MB, the transmission speed of 5 MB to 20Mb and at the request of the speed of 40Ma transmission speed of 10Ma while the 20Mbps DSL transmission speed of 1 to 2 MB, it affects the viewing of a remote camera, While watching. The cameras depend on the speed of data transmission, which is known as the Upload and you can know the speed of data transmission through the control panel of the modem. In order to check the speed first you must be connected to the internet by computer or mobile modem that will be linked to the surveillance cameras then open the modem page through the browser at address Note that the addresses vary from one modem to another. The modem on which the modem was applied saw the image
As we saw in the previous image of the word Downstram and offset by 20479 KB is the speed of communication requested by the communication is the speed of data reception or what is known as the speed of download and this speed does not concern us and in contrast the speed of transmission 1019 KB in front of the word Upstram and this is the speed at which the cameras will depend on Data transmission control Any image transmission speed The lower the transmission speed there will be a cut in the picture when watching a camera directly from a distance. You can also check through a site that provides Internet speed checking service. Before checking, make sure that no one else is using the Internet for the modem during the scan. To check the internet speed accurately after entering the examination page click on the word BEGIN TEST and wait two minutes until the speed check. Check the speed of data transmission and reception speed.

Connect surveillance cameras by 4G modem:

  • Watch cameras directly via mobile or computer via the Internet
  • Setting up modem settings every time you change your modem does not require high speed data transmission, which gives you quality in watching remote surveillance cameras
As in the previous image Connecting via a 4G modem First make sure to cover the 4G network connection to the area where you want to install the surveillance cameras to watch the surveillance cameras through the Internet by checking the nearest tower to one of the operating companies and provide the modem and then check the speed to ensure speed in the manner mentioned above Note In the first method of connecting when the modem is changed or the modem is reset to the modem, the remote view will be lost by mobile or computer. The settings must be reset again while the second method of connection does not need to adjust the modem settings. When you need to open multiple cameras over the Internet at the same time, you need to provide high speed to avoid hacking during the viewing distance. When you have multiple sites and you want to store the registration directly to the main site via the Internet, the Internet must be high speed, ie the transmission speed is not less than 200 MiC, and it is determined by the number of surveillance cameras and the accuracy of photography